"I had a make-up lesson with Avril last weekend, and she was wonderful. I am clueless when it comes to make-up, but Avril made sure I could apply everything before I left. She's extremely patient, and she also tailors the session to your preferences.

I really enjoyed my session. If you're thinking about updating your look, I'd encourage you to contact Avril. You won't be disappointed."

-- Andi

laura makeup lesson

"I just wanted to say that Avril is the BEST. I had such a great consult with her. she was kind, patient, and taught me so much. I give 2 super thumbs up for her make up services!!"

-- Dawn

Personalized Make-Up Lessons

My Make-up lesson is a very thorough hands-on approach. I start by looking at what you are currently doing and finding out what you most want out of the lesson. Than I go through your make-up drawer and tell you what to keep and what to toss.

Next I teach you a daytime or everyday look keeping in mind the time you actually have to do you make-up. I do one side and I have you do the other. I make sure you get the technique before moving on to a nighttime or date-night look.

I leave you with a face chart including detailed instructions, the products we used and where to get them. I’m not affiliated with anyone specific line, so I share with you all of my favorites – from drugstore bargains to top-quality standouts.

I also give you my 2 – 3 minute can’t miss routine that will ensure you can always leave the house looking great – even when you don’t have much time.

I am committed to making sure this is the only make-up lesson or make-up class you will ever need!